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Tatum Brooks

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Tatum Brooks

Post by Tatum Brooks on Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:15 pm

Tatum Brooks
sixteen | her, she | civilians | f.mavor

HOMETOWN: Star City, California
CURRENT HOME: Star City, California
OCCUPATION: Junior at Star City High School
DATE OF BIRTHDAY: April 3, 2000

HAIR COLOR: Light Blonde with Brown
HAIR STYLE: Tatum's hair is long has some curls in and her hair is either up or done. Mostly depends on how she feels.
HEIGHT: 5.10
BODY TYPE: Rather Slim
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Has quite of few freckles and she sometimes wears glasses.
CLOTHING STYLE: Tatum prefers to dress in thing she finds to be very girly, even though you will find her in plaid, jeans, boots, even though she is one who prefers dresses, sweaters, leggings, boots, scarfs. Anything she finds to be nice, even though as time goes on she will more than likely change her fashion sense.

PERSONALITY: Tatum is one of the typical girly girls, and often has an attitude problem. Since she likes to label herself as a good girl and is one of the typical popular girls, even though she comes from nice people. She is not exactly the nicest, and she often finds the talk of superheroes to be rather stupid. Even though her thoughts on that will most definitely change, since little does she know a secret her brother is keeping. Despite that aside from Tatum's rather snotty attiude, she has a soft spot. Which many people often think she is immune to being a nice person since she often finds joy in picking on others.

She also is someone who is very strong-willed and determined, basically if she wants something. Someone can guarantee her to do anything in her power to make sure she gets what she wants. Making her often walk through life being confident.  Which is sometimes a good thing, although Tatum likes to display it different. Even though she is someone who is kind of wild, and she tries to hid it from her father and brothers . Even though in her free time she is often found partying or trying her best to get what she wants.

Even though aside from that she is very smart, and is in higher level classes. Making her often being quite talented, and in her free time aside from her partying, she is found drawing or playing the guitar or writing. Since she loves to write, and is also someone who is into sports and is a cheerleader and she plays lacrosse. Making her your typical popular kid, which is will probably change over time.  

FATHER'S NAME: Dr. Kevin Charles Brooks
AGE: 44
OCCUPATION: Head Surgeon at Star City Memorial Hospital
STATUS: Living

MOTHER'S NAME: Sarah Nicole Brooks ( nee Jones )
AGE: 44
OCCUPATION: Psychologist at Langford Institute
STATUS: Living

OLDER SISTER'S NAME: Allison Arbor Brooks
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Traveling Photographer and Online College Student
STATUS: Living

OLDER BROTHER'S NAME: Baylor James Brooks
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: High School Student and Unknown Meta-Human
STATUS: Living

OLDER BROTHER'S NAME: Colby Kevin Brooks
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: High School Student
STATUS: Living

AUNT'S NAME: Jeanine Katherine Brooks
AGE: 42
OCCUPATION: Lawyer in Star City
STATUS: Living

UNCLE'S NAME: Nathaniel Michael Brooks
AGE: 39
OCCUPATION: Star City Police Officer/Detective
STATUS: Living

AUNT'S NAME: April Cynthia Jones
AGE: 37
OCCUPATION: Art Gallery Owner in Central City
STATUS: Living

COUSIN'S NAME: Jeremy Nathaniel Brooks
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Student at Star City University
STATUS: Living

COUSIN'S NAME: Kelsey Morgan Brooks
AGE: 16
OCCUPATION: Juinor at Star City University
STATUS: Living

HISTORY: Tatum grew up as the youngest child of Kevin and Sarah Brooks, and also the most rebellious out of the bunch. Even though she tries to act like she a good girl, which was often something that was her biggest flaw was her attitude. Growing up Tatum had spent her time drawing and writing when she was younger, and had often went to her father's work. Which for a while led her to be a huge fan of her father's work with helping others. Even though once she hit adolescence that slowly faded. Growing up Tatum was a little angel, and had rarely threw a temper tantrum, and her parents often found her to be a gift sent from heaven.

Tatum had also been good at making friends due to her kindness, and some people thought nothing could make the little girl change. Which even her parents believed, and Tatum often did. And she would often be the average little girl anyone would expect her to be. Whether it be having tea parties  or playing make-believe. She often spent her life trying to be a good girl, and she had also been someone who was a stellar student. And many often believed she was higher level.

Even though once she turned twelve that all changed, making her become more rebellious than she was when she was younger. And often people begin to wonder if she was going to be the next little angel gone bad. Which often was the case, since at fourteen she began partying, which would still surface. She began to grow to be more cold towards other, and it got worse when her brother got affected while he was on some sort of visit to Star Labs for a field trip. Leading her brother to come back as a meta-human which she did not believe.

Even though as time goes on she is slowly believing it.  Although some part of her has wondered if she was affected, since she had been visiting her aunt the night of the explosion which she often believes to be not be sure. Making Tatum life slowly turning upside down.

POWERS: ( power she will develop later )
- Ability to quickly heal others and herself
- Telekinesis
- Geokinesis
- Aerokinesis
- Ability to manipulate others
- Night Vision
- Telepathic ( beginning to realize a little )

Katie - 15 - EST - PM/SKYPE
Tatum Brooks

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Re: Tatum Brooks

Post by Barry Allen on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:44 pm

Barry Allen

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