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Iris West

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Iris West

Post by Iris West on Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:30 am

Iris West
twenty-six | female | Civilian | journalist

ALTER-EGO: ( if any )
HOMETOWN: Central City
CURRENT HOME: Central City
OCCUPATION: Journalist
DATE OF BIRTHDAY: 25th May 1989

HAIR STYLE: Curly, Loose
HEIGHT: 5'6"
CLOTHING STYLE: She wears mostly jeans, shirts and jackets but she says no to skirts or dresses too. It all depends on what she wants to wear and where she is going.

PERSONALITY: Iris is a kind and friendly person. Who seems to get along people quite well most of the times. When really needed she can be mean and rude too, if you really get on her nerves or say something bad about the person who she cares about. She is someone who cares very much about people with who she is close. She would do basically everything to them and help them out whenever she can.

Iris has become also over years pretty curious one about things around her. If she finds something interesting then she needs to find out so much as she can about this. The woman can be quite a stubborn one too. She won’t give up on things very easily for sure. It’s not very easy to changes her mind once she has decided on something.

She is quite a smart one and she isn’t afraid to use it, even if she might not always show it out. Sometimes it takes her to figure things out for awhile but just it doesn’t make sense at first, like Barry being Flash. She didn’t really expect it but later when she found it out then it seemed so obvious.

Over years she has become someone who can hold grudges for a while. So be aware that if you are done something to her or her close people she won’t like you for a long time. She trusts only people who she can know. She doesn’t trust everyone in the first meeting. She is very loyal to her family and friends. She will do everything for them.

FATHER'S NAME:  Joseph "Joe" West
AGE: 57
OCCUPATION: Police Detective

MOTHER'S NAME: Francine West
AGE: 54
STATUS: Deceased

YOUNGER BROTHER'S NAME: Wallace "Wally" West
AGE: 19

Iris was born as first child to Joe and Francine West. Her childhood wasn’t really the best to be honest. Her father worked as policeman back then and wasn’t very much time at home, he had to protect the city. Her mother other hand didn’t really have a job and wasted her time at home duing drugs and other things like this. So one day Iris almost died because stove caught fire awhile Francine was trying to cook something and forget about it since she was sleeping after she had taken some drugs inside of her. After that incident her mother left. It wasn’t first time Iris was in danger because of Francine. Joe said to Iris that mother did die. It was easier to Iris accept it than her mother left her. Iris seemed to remember best things of her mother over years, not bad things.

Having one parent wasn’t always the best thing. Girl missed having mother around her when she grow up. At times she needed mother more than she needed a father. There was some things she didn’t really wanna share with father but she had no other options.

Few years passed and her friend from school, Barry, lost her mother too. She was murderd by some yellow and red blur. Barry had claimed even to see yellow man. No one really believed the boy back then. His father went to prison for murdering his wife, everyone believed he did it. Even if was very unlikely, they seemed to be so happy family. Barry came to live with her and her father. Since that day Iris and Barry became even more close friends. At times she keeps feeling sorry for Barry.

She at times did cover to Barry when he tried to run away, of course her father understood very well what she tried to do. She wasn’t really that good at lying to her father.

In school she did do pretty good. She wasn’t really the most popular girl in school but she didn’t really care. She was happy to have some friends and be where she was. She enjoyed her life at school so much as she could. She was glad when she finally graduated high school.

After graduating she studied Psychology and did graduated in it too. After that she became to work as waitress at CC Jitters. It wasn’t really the job she wanted to do but it was at least something.

Already for a while working there she became interested in Flash ever since she began to see pictures of red blur around the city. She had no idea who that person was for long time. She discovered it when her fiance Eddie and she was attacked by the Reverse-Flash, the one who killed Barry's mother. The Reverse-Flash took Eddie away. When Flash came he was too late. The Flash assured a distressed Iris that he would find Eddie and as he sped off a surge of lightning passed from Barry to her. Only other time she has felt was when Barry was in a coma. So ever since then she knows that Barry is actually Flash. She later did get to know that even her father and Eddie knew about it before her.

To be honest she never did tell anyone that she knew who the Flash was. She did write about Flash on her blog what she had and she never mentioned who really Flash was. She helped to understood people that Flash is good. In some point there came offer to her thanks her blog to work as investigative journalist in Central City Picture News

Being journalist was good, she could always tell truth about what happened with Flash and so on. She was so good at her job as she could. She used to work as waitresses but that wasn't a job what she wanted to do rest of her life. At times she helps out Barry and the rest of Flash team to fight the crime all around the city.

She even did get know her mother is alive but she died few weeks after that. She even realised she has a younger brother, Wally, who later on came to live with her father Joe. Wally came to them after their mother had died. So ever since then they all live together as family. Even if the life has never been the same anymore. She knows there is more and more adventures coming to her life.

POWERS:  n/a

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Iris West
Iris West

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