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Thea Queen

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Thea Queen

Post by Thea Queen on Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:30 am

Thea Queen
Twenty One | Female| Heros | Chief of Staff to the Office of the Mayor of  Star City | W. Holland

ALTER-EGO: Speedy, Ras Al Ghul (Unknown)
OCCUPATION: Chief of Staff to the Office of the Mayor of Star City
DATE OF BIRTHDAY: January, 21, 1995
ALLIANCE/FACTION: Team Arrow/LOA (unknown)

HAIR COLOR: Light Brown
HAIR STYLE: Short and wavy
HEIGHT: 5'4'
BODY TYPE: Slim and muscular
CLOTHING STYLE: Button down short sleeves shirts, mini skirts black high heels

PERSONALITY: Thea can be seen as reckless, selfish, impulsive, and immature. She turned to a life of substance abuse and partying to fill the void of losing her father and older brother. However, when Moira tried to be a decent parent for the first time by grounding her for breaking into a store, Thea obeyed the punishment even though she called Moira out at first. She also has a good heart and often tries to do the right thing, and looks up to Oliver. This shows that Thea, while young, reckless, and impulsive, has a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie for those she loves. Thea is also shown to be unpredictable.
AGE: 50

FATHER'S NAME: Robert Queen
AGE: 49
OCCUPATION: Founder of Queen Consolidated
STATUS: Deceased

MOTHER'S NAME: Moira Queen
AGE: 50
OCCUPATION: Acting CEO of Queen Consolidated
STATUS: Deceased

SIBLING'S NAME: Oliver Queen
AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: Mayor/ Green Arrow
STATUS: Living




HISTORY: Thea was born on January 21, 1995 to Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen. Though Malcolm was unaware that Thea was his daughter, And Thea was likewise in the dark, Robert Queen was aware but still loved Thea like his own. When Thea was 4 years old she found a stray cat and took it home but despite Moira trying to explain that they couldn't keep but Thea was firmly declared that it was going to live with them. When Robert came home later that day he saw Thea's "cat" and explained to her that the "cat" was actually a tiger and needed to be returned to the zoo and Thea listened.

When Thea was a child she fell off her horse and was hospitalized. Thea (it is insinuated) idolized Oliver as a child. They used to be close and, according to Oliver, he used to chase after her when she was younger, thus giving her the nickname, "Speedy". When her father and brother (who were in reality her step-father and maternal half-brother) were both presumed dead, Thea felt alone and disconnected from the world. She fell into a life of drugs and partying to fill the void left by her father and brother.

Thea was one of the first people to welcome Oliver home with open arms. Though she is later surprised and disappointed when Oliver expresses his unhappiness with her party lifestyle, which Oliver himself used to lead.

Thea saw Oliver's scars for the first time and when Oliver refused to talk about it, she begged him to let someone in to talk about what happened on the island.

Thea was brought home by the police after a night of drunken partying that led to breaking and entering a shop. Despite being grounded, she partied at the nightclub Poison, where she bumped into Oliver, and the two had an argument. Thea disclosed to Oliver that Laurel and Tommy had been sleeping together in his absence and stumbled off. Thea toned down her wild behavior towards the end of the episode, having a mother-daughter moment with Moira, and appearing at the Unidac auction.

Thea bonded with Oliver while they discussed Laurel, and how Oliver could get back into her "good-books" again. Thea and her family were worried for Oliver after multiple charges were brought against him by Sergeant Quentin Lance. Thea showed how much her brother's absence had affected her when she told Oliver that "she couldn't lose him again". Oliver reassured her at the end that she wouldn't. Thea was shown to have a crush on Tommy, after he came asking her for romantic advice. Things, however, got very awkward when she realized he meant Laurel instead of her. Thea ended up getting drunk at the CNRI benefit, and Tommy took her home.

Thea called Oliver to remind him that he was supposed to have lunch with Moira, telling him to "bite the bullet and have a Cobb salad with the woman". Later on she was with Moira at the hospital and later seen telling Oliver off for leaving Moira and going after the shooter. Thea stayed in that night with Moira after Oliver told her he had a business meeting, talking to Moira about how she wished that Oliver wouldn't lie and would tell them what was wrong. Thea then spoke to Oliver, saying that he shouldn't keep what happened on the island a secret, and that he should tell someone about what happened. Thea asked Walter for a lift to school, commenting that they could just buy her a convertible to save them the trouble.

Oliver talked to Thea about why their lack of Christmas decorations, and she explained how they hadn't really celebrated Christmas since Oliver and Robert had disappeared. Thea was later seen at Big Belly Burger with Oliver, discussing why there was no Christmas Party when Thea's friend Shane showed up. Oliver later walked in on Thea and Shane at the Christmas Party and caught them making out with some clothes off. Oliver told the boy, "Hit the road". She later admitted she was being a "bitch", when Oliver was injured, at the hospital.[11]

Thea was with Oliver, going through movies to watch, telling him how Moira was acting the same way as when Robert and Oliver disappeared. Thea later tried to convince her mother to leave her room and go out with her. She later commented on why Oliver was smiling, saying that his club burnt down. Thea believed that her mother was having an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. On her 18th birthday, she was involved in a car crash and was taken to the hospital. Oliver later discovered that Thea crashed because a drug called Vertigo was in her system. Because she was driving under the influence of drugs, she was arrested.

Due to the rampant use of Vertigo in Starling City, the judge overseeing Thea's trial decided that the best way to discourage the drug's use was to sentence Thea to hard time, by showing that not even the rich can escape the law. Oliver decided to take down The Count so as to take heat off her. He also talked to Laurel about getting her father to use his connections to help Thea. Detective Quentin Lance was able to get Thea a deal where she had to work community service for 500 hours, and be under the watch of a guardian, Laurel. The plan was for her to work at CNRI. Thea refused the deal just to spite her mother, who she thought was cheating on Walter and cheated on her father, as well. Oliver decided to convince her, revealing that their father cheated on their mother. Thea forgave her mother when she overheard her mother confirm what Oliver revealed to her about their father. She then decided to take Laurel's offer and work with her.

Thea later got involved with the League of Assassins with her father though her involvement in the league was kept in the down low. Her father Malcom Merlin passed on the title Ras Al Ghul to her when he was being challenged and decided to step down. She had to work for respect but soon gave it and no one questioned her life outside the league and her brother didn't question her either, She was living the perfect double life. She is still afraid that one day she will be outed for being Ras al Ghul but until that time she will keep up living both lives.

POWERS:  Electrokinesis:  The power to manipulate, and even absorb, electricity

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Thea Queen
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Re: Thea Queen

Post by Barry Allen on Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:10 pm

Barry Allen
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