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Desmond Warren ( WIP )

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Desmond Warren ( WIP )

Post by Desmond Warren on Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:37 pm

Desmond Warren
thirty-five | his, he | government officals | j.morgan

ALTER-EGO: Agent Zero
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana
CURRENT HOME: Washington D.C/HYDRA Headquarters
OCCUPATION: Second in Command of HYDRA and CIA Worker
DATE OF BIRTHDAY: April 13, 1981
ALLIANCE/FACTION: HYDRA and League of Assassins

HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde
HAIR STYLE: Desmond's hair is rather curly and short.
HEIGHT: 5.11
BODY TYPE: Rather Muscular
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Desmond has a couple scars on him.
CLOTHING STYLE: Desmond is someone who likes to wear average clothing, but when he has it he will dress up. Even though if he could he would wear jeans, boots, leather jackets, t shirts, since he prefers to not dress like a rich person. Even though he is one and he acts like it, but when he has work he can be found in dress pants, dress shirt, ties. Even though his casual is generally jeans, a t shirt, and boots.

PERSONALITY: Desmond in many cases is often described as someone who is arrogant and rather narcissistic. Even though Desmond is that he still cares, but he has many ways of showing his care and is not exactly loyal. Well aside from that Desmond is very power-hungry and once his brother was elected president he grew to be rather jealous. Making him to not exactly endorse his brother and in many cases wants to be in the oval office himself.

He is also very cunning and manipulative and knows how to get his way. And would stop at nothing to make sure he gets his way, even if that means harming others. So many could say he is very much a sociopath which is partially true. Desmond although would disagree since he would put a show on, and is a good actor and very sneaky.

Which often makes him not exactly a fan of his brothers, since he is basically the outlaw of the bunch. Aside from all that he is very charismatic and smart, making him often using it to get ladies or something since he likes to flirt with girls. So one could say he your typical villain which is very true.

Even though he is slowly beginning to care.

FATHER'S NAME: Alfred Alistair Warren
AGE: 69
OCCUPATION: Professor at Xavier School/Mutant
STATUS: Living ( currently in the Caribbean )

MOTHER'S NAME: Blanche Florence Warren ( nee Hudson )
AGE: 69
OCCUPATION: Professor at Xavier School/Mutant
STATUS: Living ( currently in the Caribbean )

OLDER BROTHER'S NAME: Sebastian James Warren
AGE: 46
OCCUPATION: President of the United States and Former Head of the CIA.
STATUS: Living

OLDER BROTHER'S NAME: Morgan Ellis Warren
AGE: 41
OCCUPATION: Head of National Secruity/Mutant
STATUS: Living

NEPHEW'S NAME: Preston Sebastian Warren
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Harvard University Student
STATUS: Living

NIECE'S NAME: Serena Rose Warren
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: High School Senior
STATUS: Living

NEPHEW'S NAME: Grayson Graham Warren
AGE: 15
OCCUPATION: Student at Xavier School for the Gifted
STATUS: Living

NIECE'S NAME: Phoebe Addison Warren
AGE: 12
OCCUPATION: Seventh Grader
STATUS: Living

HISTORY: Desmond grew up as the youngest child of Alfred and Blanche Warren, and from a young age had been somewhat of a dark person. And would often be found picking on others, even though as years went on her slowly grew out of that.

POWERS:  ( please list them )

Desmond Warren
Government Official
Government Official

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