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Grayson Warren

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Grayson Warren

Post by Grayson Warren on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:09 pm

Grayson Warren
fifteen | he, his | gifted student | c.riggs

HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana
CURRENT HOME: Washington D.C and Xavier Institute for the Gifted
OCCUPATION: Student at Xavier Institute for the Gifted
DATE OF BIRTHDAY: March 31, 2001

HAIR STYLE: Grayson's hair is rather medium goes down to his shoulders and is often messy.
BODY TYPE: Slim and Rather Muscular
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Has freckles and has some scars.
CLOTHING STYLE: Grayson generally wears anything, despite being the president son, he would rather be in something normal such as jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts, plaid, just anything that appeals to him. Even though when he has too he will dress up.

Grayson is not the stereotypical president son, someone who is snotty or thinking too highly of themselves. Unlike his two siblings, Grayson is very shy and reserve, but when someone becomes his friend he tries his best to be the best friend he can be. And is often very loyal, and is told he is very much like his father. Who is a good man who cares deeply about others, and often favors Grayson more than his other siblings. Aside from his kind heart, he is very smart, and very brave. Even though others would say he somewhat a coward, even though he is far from a coward, and was brought up to believe that you have to brave.

Although aside from the fact that he is nice, he shares his uncles quality for being rather stubborn, and if he sees someone is out of line, he will more than likely find something to say. Making him also somewhat sarcastic. And he tries not to reveal too much about himself, since he does not like others knowing he is the president son. Since he knows that if they do people would try to target him, making him rather shy. Even though his siblings are quite loud about who their father is. Despite all that he is a huge fan of everything involving superheroes, and is somewhat a nerd. And had been pretty excited upon finding out he was a mutant.

Ever since that, he has somewhat grown rather more reserved, since he had been shipped off to a school that up until then had not beleived was real, despite reading the news paper articles about something that happened when his father was younger. Grayson is also somewhat naive, and likes to believe what others tell him. Which has often made him lack the part of being his own person and to prevent that he puts himself in books. Which has also made him bullied, even though he is slowly growing to be more of a talkative person.

So he would not so much of an outcast.

FATHER'S NAME: Sebastian James Warren
AGE: 46
OCCUPATION: President of the United States and Former Head of the CIA.
STATUS: Living

MOTHER'S NAME: Kathryn Rose Warren ( nee Johnson )
AGE: 45
OCCUPATION: First Lady of the United States and Former Lawyer
STATUS: Living

OLDER BROTHER'S NAME: Preston Sebastian Warren
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Harvard University Student
STATUS: Living

OLDER SISTER'S NAME: Serena Rose Warren
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: High School Senior
STATUS: Living

YOUNGER SISTER'S NAME: Phoebe Addison Warren
AGE: 12
OCCUPATION: Seventh Grader
STATUS: Living

UNCLE'S NAME: Morgan Ellis Warren
AGE: 41
OCCUPATION: Head of National Security and Mutant
STATUS: Living

UNCLE'S NAME: Desmond Alexander Warren ( Agent Zero )
AGE: 35
OCCUPATION: CIA Worker and Hydra/Mutant
STATUS: Living

Grayson grew up as the second youngest child of Sebastian and Kathryn Warren, both of whom were high society and had great jobs. Making Grayson basically living his life in luxury, and living the rich end of New Orleans. And despite that his life was far from great, since his mother was not exactly a fan of him, since she could sense something not right with him. Making his father be the one who practically had to raise him. And he knew that something since both of his brothers had been mutants, which had genetically gotten to him. Which led to Grayson to be very close from his father, and despite what others said about him displaying some sort of difference.

Which would not really surface to him until he had was seven years old, when something unexplainable occurred. Which had occured in the schoolyard, which his school tried to cover up, and that left his father to soon give him books on pass mutants. And Grayson had indeed read them, making him know that he was some sort of mutant, although not fully knowing until later on that he was on. And a couple years after his father's election came around. Which his father had won, leaving him to move to Washington D.C, although he enjoyed it. His father tried to shelter him from the world knowing their secret which was that he was a mutant.

Since many people his father would believe would try to have him impeached for having a mutant son, despite his father support, his mother had practically disowned him. And was more than happy to have him sent away. Due to the fact that his mother enjoyed being first lady and wanted to have as much power as possible. Which when Grayson was fourteen, someone came to his house and the man had been Professor X and some lady named Jean Grey.

And a couple months after that, he had been sent away to Xavier School for the Gifted, which he had read about for years.

- Head Vision
- Ability to Generate Heat
- Immune to Fire
- Telepathic
- Can Manipulate's One's Action
( More to Be Discovered )

Katie - 15 - EST - PM/Skype
Grayson Warren
Gifted Student
Gifted Student

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Re: Grayson Warren

Post by Barry Allen on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:30 pm

Barry Allen

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